• Artist Statement

    Artist Statement

    My recent artistic focus has been exploring the relationship between humanity and nature. Humans are made of the same elements as our natural world, our bodies having evolved from the very microbes living in the dirt we walk on. Our coexistence with nature can be both tumultuous and harmonious. My work explores this dichotomy with collage, mixed media paintings, as well as abstractly, reflecting a controlled chaos. Our physical wellness is directly affected by the health of our environment and perhaps, vice versa. In this series the work evokes thoughts about intention and passion, what makes us tick, and how it is so important to a healthy metaphysical existence, and symbiotic relationship with the earth. Using imagery derived from nature, religion, pop culture, and personal affects, I have created a series of works that uses color to evoke emotions of existentialism and our deep connection with the Earth. The flirtatious nature of some of the pieces brings to life a picture of what the unfiltered, unconscious might look like if it were a physical space. Playing with space and time in a way that feels familiar is a big part of my work, especially when the universe feels so unimaginably vast. Particularly, I have chosen to portray this experience from a feminine perspective sharing my experience with mother nature as a woman and what I think that feeling looks like. Beyond this, the work has a bit of a “herstory” element, alluding to mysteries of the past or fantasies of what could have been based on some of the unknowns from long ago. All of this comes together to deliver a storybook cover narrative inspired by natural history and transcendentalism.