• Artist Statement

    My work is about people and their intimate lives. I’m attracted to places, both interior and exterior, that contain evidence of the human touch. I study scenes that I think create portraits of people’s lives and what their lives are like. We are immersed today in a world of material culture and our possessions become important to us in different ways. They tell a story about who we are. I am inspired by history paintings of the past and I am intrigued by the obsessive collections and clutter that people accumulate in our world today. I am interested in the associations people have with their possessions and the sentimentality placed on those objects or on the idea of a precious object even if ephemeral. In my work I explore the human tendency to be emotionally dependent on sentimental objects as a way of holding onto people or moments in time. Sentimental things become time markers and I see it as our way of feeling real, important and that our lives have purpose and meaning. My paintings are mainly done in oil are painted in a realist style occasionally steering towards surreal. By painting these spaces and objects and the people that own them, use them, or live amongst them, I create work that is about expression, emotion, is narrative based, self portrait based, and is generally based on the common psychological and emotional endeavors of everyday life.